Truck-Mounted Platform

Certification valid for 3 years

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Train your employees to prevent risks associated with truck-mounted platforms.

With this training offered by Santinel, your employees will learn how to operate this particular equipment and use it safely in your work environment. They will be able to look after their own safety and that of their co-workers while respecting the rules of the industry.

The Act respecting occupational health and safety (AROHS) is clear: all workers who operate a lifting platform must first receive adequate training. Our experts will provide you with in-depth and unique training through content that meets the specifics of your workplace. In addition, this training will also discuss standards related to working at heights and various safety measures.

The use of a truck-mounted platform carries certain risks. It is therefore important to understand the responsibilities of the operator and to identify possible dangers when using it. Contact us!

Learning series:

  • The components of a truck-mounted platform and how it works.
  • Master the safety standards and laws that apply to the use of this equipment.
  • The rules of safe driving when using a basket carried by a truck, especially when it is in motion.
  • The safe operation of the baskets in your workplace and the reduction of risks related to the operation of this equipment.
  • Identification of the dangers associated with working at height from a truck-mounted platform.
  • The concepts of centre of gravity and stability specific to a truck-mounted platform, and knowing how to control the possible risks.

While this training is primarily intended for operators of truck-mounted platforms, whether beginners or experts, prevention managers or supervisors will also benefit from this teaching. During this Santinel training, the trainers will approach theoretical notions as well as practical aspects of working at height. All elements related to the safety measures to take when using a truck-mounted platform will also be covered.

During this training, your operators will be informed of the instructions and precautions to take when using a truck-mounted platform in their work environment.

Our trainers will take care to adapt the training to the specific needs of your company. With this comprehensive and unique training, you will protect your employees, but also your equipment.

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