UpRight Aerial Lift Operator Training

Certification valid for 3 years

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Use and operate a lifting platform safely. Do your employees often have to work with an UpRight aerial lift? Offer them this complete training to properly operate this machinery according to safety standards.

Working with an aerial lift platform involves several dangers, including the possibility of tipping over when improperly used. With this training, your workers will learn all the elements required to operate an UpRight aerial lift and identify the risks for their and their colleagues’ safety. Our trainers will also teach them the principles of stability, the balance points of the aerial lift, load distribution, etc.

In addition, your employees will have the opportunity to practice maneuvering the aerial lift during supervised hands-on exercises. Consult us for more information.

Learning series:

  • Know the regulations that affect the use of an aerial lift platform, as well as the obligations of the employer and employees.
  • Identify the limits of this type of equipment, the risks that surround it and the factors that affect its stability.
  • The steps for a careful inspection of the platform and the working environment in which it will be used.
  • How to safely operate an UpRight aerial lift, to ensure your and your entourage’s safety and your workspace.
  • Theoretical concepts for the UpRight aerial lift: stability principles, balance point, centre of gravity, load distribution, etc.
  • Distinguish and understand the information that appears on placards and decals that warn of UpRight aerial lift dangers.

Do your teams operate machinery? Do want to prevent accidents? Do you make safety a priority for your workers? Do you want your employees to comply with the regulations and standards surrounding the UpRight aerial lift?

This training is a powerful tool for raising your teams’ awareness and training your aerial lift platform operators. The training is intended for employees who must work using an aerial work platform and for workplace health and safety coordinators. With the material presented, our experts will explain the procedures to adopt when using this type of aerial lift at height and the skills to develop.

Consult us for training adapted to your company’s operations. Our trainers will take care to target and meet your needs.

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