Aerial Lift and Platform Operator – Theory & Practice

Certification valid for 3 years

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Ensure that working at height is carried out safely in your environment! Does your organization need to train operators on aerial lifts and other lifting platforms? Choose Santinel’s unique approach and get training that will keep your environment safe. Whether they are beginners or just need a refresher, your employees will benefit from a very complete session focused on prevention and behaviour change!

Our trainers will provide them with a wealth of skills and tools for safe working at height. As such, your workers will learn to inspect the devices before using them, to assess the risks present on the site and to prevent falls or other accidents. Our experts will also make sure that they master harnesses, anchors and other protective equipment. And of course, they will teach them the best maneuvers for the different types of aerial lifts and  lifting platforms!

In short, thanks to our various theoretical and practical components, your workers will better understand their equipment and will have more control over its operation!

Learning series:

  • Deepen your knowledge of federal and provincial standards to ensure your compliance with the law.
  • Learn all the risks linked to working at heights, aerial lifts, platforms and conditions specific to your environment.
  • Apply safe work procedures and use your protective equipment effectively.
  • Master optimal maneuvering and moving techniques with your aerial lifts and lifting platforms.

Develop your workers’ expertise or refresh their knowledge of lifting devices!

Whatever equipment used for working at height in your company, trust the expertise of Santinel! You will benefit from the know-how of experienced trainers with different lifting devices, such as self-propelled platforms and aerial lifts, with or without an articulated arm or even mounted on vehicles. Just let us know your challenges and our experts will answer them!

Know that our training on aerial lifts and lifting platforms is aimed at both beginners and more experienced workers. In our experience, all operators benefit from a regular knowledge refresh. To maintain effective and safe maneuvers, such a reminder should be conducted every three years. A definite asset for prevention in your organization! Consult us for peace of mind!

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