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Certification valid for 3 years

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Choose this training from Santinel and equip your workers to safely use an aerial platform. During this training, our experts will present and explain all the elements that ensure the safe use of an elevating platform.

Did you know that the law requires that all aerial platform operators receive comprehensive training that covers all aspects of safe handling and maintenance? This course covers all the skills required by an aerial platform operator.


Using a theoretical component and practical exercises, our trainers will teach the fundamental principles of maneuvering a platform, as well as its security operation and maintenance. Your employees will be able to validate the knowledge acquired through exercises adapted to your work context.

Learning series:

  • Standards and legislation that affect the use of an aerial platform, as well as the obligations of the employer and employees.
  • What are the dangers of using a lifting platform and how to reduce the risk and prevent accidents.
  • The safety instructions to be followed when maneuvering an aerial platform and the personal protective equipment (PPE) to use.
  • Understand the daily inspection grid in accordance with the standards established by the CNESST to identify failures or breakages and, above all, ensure the safety of this machinery.
  • How to safely operate this type of equipment in order to protect yourself and your colleagues, depending on the use.
  • Periodically perform minor maintenance and maintain the integrity of the platform.

Do your aerial platform operators need occupational health and safety training? Do you want to update their knowledge of prevention standards and rules? Do you have new employees and want to make sure they are working safely?

Offer this training to your aerial platform operators. They will master its use while respecting the current standards. Observing and evaluating the traffic lanes on which the platform is used is just as important as verifying its use on an appropriate surface. So, there are many factors to consider in order for your employees to operate this equipment safely. Our trainers will educate your workers to develop their vigilance and implement best practices.

Note that this training is specifically intended for operators or their supervisors and not for mechanics who work on aerial platform maintenance. Consult us for a complete training adapted to your needs.

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