Harness Inspection, Attachment System and Annual Certification Record-Keeping

Certification valid for 3 years

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Train your workers and supervisors with a certified harness and connection instructor. Protective equipment plays a vital role in preventing falls for workers in all sectors.

Health and safety rules are strict with regard to daily and annual inspections of harnesses, connection systems and how to maintain a register. Thanks to this unique training developed by our certified instructors, your employees will see to their safety before performing work at height. They will be able to inspect protective equipment such as harnesses, identify anomalies that could lead to a fall, check each criterion step by step and fill out inspection sheets that comply with standards. They will then learn how to properly maintain harnesses and protective equipment.

At the end of the training day, they will be able to understand the various standards surrounding these inspections, the techniques to meet the manufacturers’ requirements and the laws to observe. Finally, the annual register and inspections of harnesses and the attachment system will no longer be a mystery to them.

Learning series:

  • Understand provincial and federal legislation.
  • How to spot anomalies and remedy them.
  • Easily identify the important components of the harness and the criteria for a proper inspection.
  • Pre-inspection and inspection recommended by CSA, ANSI and the manufacturer.
  • Complete the forms and record the data of the annual inspection of the harness and its connections in an up-to-date and compliant register.

Do you provide protective gear to your employees and want them to be rigorously inspected to counter falls? Your workers wear harnesses to protect their integrity therefore daily and annual inspections are essential to prevent accidents associated with working at heights.

This training is intended for employees and supervisors who have previously completed the Work at Height training course. Support their knowledge of safety equipment and measures for working at height and make it possible to judiciously inspect the harnesses and linkage system to ensure their safety.

In addition, your employees will be trained by certified instructors who master inspection, maintenance and cleaning as well as maintaining the annual certification register. Contact us for more information.

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