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Protect your workers against the risk of falls and injuries with this training on work at height! Santinel offers specialized training in tasks performed well above the ground.

Whether it is to enhance your safety measures, promote wearing equipment, demystify the CNESST zero tolerance policy or inspect workplaces at height, opt for our training on working at height. Your employees or supervisors will learn to recognize and analyze the risks associated with working at height, the preventive measures to implement and the regulations to observe. Our trainers will also ensure that they are informed of the various protective equipment such as harnesses, anchors, lifelines, winches and how to establish a safety zone. With this training, your employees will be able to work safely well above the ground. They will also be able to inspect and maintain safety equipment according to established standards.

Consult our working at height experts for training adapted to your challenges!

Learning series:

  • The risks to prevent, the zero tolerance of the CNESST and the current regulations.
  • The safety measures provided for working on ladders, scaffolding, roofs, aerial lifts or other equipment at height.
  • How to wear, maintain and inspect safety equipment such as: harnesses, anchorages, lifelines, winches, safety zone.
  • The different types of protection used to prevent falls and injuries.
  • Safety instructions and emergency measures to use quickly.

Count on our experience and knowledge to train your employees on the different concepts involved in working at height. Although workers from the construction sector are considered most at risk, Santinel offers training to workers in all industries. Our many years of experience make it possible to offer training adapted to all types of work at height: roofing, lineworker, work on roofs, etc.

This training is intended for employees and supervisors who work at height. Whether as a refresher, for a first training, to further one’s knowledge, this training is essential to ensure security within your company. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, you will have peace of mind knowing that your workers are well aware of the risks, know how to use the right safety equipment and know the prevention methods. Contact us for personalized service and comprehensive training on working at heights.

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