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Certification valid for 3 years

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Working at height is a major source of accidents for workers in Quebec. Therefore, all employees carrying out work at height should receive fall protection training. To help you with this objective, Santinel can train certain employees who will in turn educate your employees.

The work at height training takes place in two phases. First, the course attendees will go in-depth in the standard training content on working at height for important concepts like standards, legal obligations, inspections, risky situations and equipment. In order to develop their teaching skills, our experts will also provide attendees with tools to facilitate the retention of information among participants. They will then be assessed in a training simulation. Following this evaluation, the trainer will obtain a certification and may disseminate the sessions themselves to their colleagues.

Learning series:

  • Essential notions of working at height, including fundamentals and the risks to which workers are exposed.
  • How to assess and correct a situation including work above 3 meters.
  • Legal obligations such as applicable standards, wearing safety equipment, etc.
  • Key concepts to master to become a trainer in working at height: teaching skills, participant evaluation, practice, etc.
  • Optional personalized coaching after the first training performed by your supervisor.
  • Obtain certification as a trainer for working at height.

Do you regularly need to train your employees who work at height? Do you want to be autonomous in these training courses to speed up the process and reduce costs? This service will allow you to develop trainers who will transfer their knowledge to your employees to work safely and prevent accidents. Your trainers will receive a certification attesting to their new skills. No matter your industry, working at height is one of the most risky activities in Quebec. Contact us today!

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