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Certification valid for 3 years

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Respond quickly even in workplace emergencies. As you know, working at height involves its share of risks and despite many means of prevention, a problem can arise at any time. It is imperative to rescue the worker quickly and by following rigorous proven methods.

With rescue at height training, your teams will be able to rescue a worker in danger without improvising and avoiding the worst possible outcome. They will learn rescue theories and techniques using previously developed concrete diagrams. They will then learn the safety procedures and the types of approved interventions. In addition, they will learn different life-saving equipment, how to install them and how to use them to intervene safely for the rescuer and the person in an emergency.

Choose peace of mind knowing that your employees and supervisors will be prepared for any emergency. Contact Santinel and its experts in rescue training in working at height.

Learning series:

  • Rescue theories and zero tolerance.
  • Rescue procedures to be carried out according to the types of intervention.
  • Identification, installation and use of equipment required during rescue at height.
  • Carry out a rescue operation without endangering yourself and successfully complete the intervention.
  • Case studies and diagrams to know during a rescue at height.

Do your employees regularly work at height or above three meters from the ground? Do they use forklifts, walk on roofs, carpentry or other sites considered at risk for falls? Does your organization need to meet the CNESST requirements and its zero tolerance policy? This training is intended for your employees working at height as well as their supervisors.

For many years, Santinel has offered work at height training to respond quickly to emergencies. Focused on equipment practice and handling, this training has become essential for all workers working in this type of work or for emergency response teams. Whether for the construction industry or other fields, consult us for concrete training on rescuing your workers at height. Santinel is there to prepare you for all emergency procedures in a safe manner.

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