Work at Height (Theoretical)

Certification valid for 3 years

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Each year, nearly 700 falls occur on Quebec construction sites. This number calls for a reflection on the practices to adopt to ensure a safe work environment. With this theoretical training on working at height, you will learn how to prevent your workers from getting into accidents. This training educates your workers on the dangers they are exposed to in their work environment. The course emphasizes the importance of carrying out a job safety analysis (JSA) before starting work to highlight these dangers. The JSA also allows you to select the right equipment to perform the task.

To promote understanding, our experts will first explain the legal context governing working at height. This chapter demystifies obligations of employers and workers and the types of equipment required by the CNESST. Next, our experts will teach how to identify risks and analyze and to correct problematic situations. Indeed, the good working practices and methods presented here can significantly reduce workplace accidents.

After the training on working at height, course attendees will be able to choose the best prevention solution to carry out their tasks safely. Furthermore, they will know the different protection systems, such as equipment, attachment or support points, ladders, harnesses and other essentials required by federal and provincial laws.

Whatever your industry, contact our experts on working at heights to strengthen fall prevention and master the laws.

Learning series:

  • The working at height risks to prevent, identify and control.
  • How to identify the presence of risks and main aggravating factors (eg: inadequate tools, absence of guards or barriers, etc.)
  • The standards and laws governing working at height in the Canada Labour Code.
  • The safety measures and equipment needed for working above three meters such as ladders, scaffolding, cranes, aerial lifts, etc.
  • Job safety analysis and establishment of measures and means of control

Do you want your teams to develop knowledge and reflexes in fall prevention? Do you want to make them independent in their decision-making, therefore increasing the level of security in the field? Now that you have provided protective tools and equipment, do you want your workers to also take charge of their safety? This work at height training is ideal for your business and your team!

Indeed, Santinel offers training that efficiently combines the material to be mastered when working at height. Your employees, team leaders or health and safety officials will know the current standards and laws and understand the real risks so they can put a stop to them. The objective of the training is to increase prevention within companies using recognized means and tools and practices.

Whatever the nature of your business, this training is useful if one or more of your workers must perform functions above three meters from the ground. Contact us for training on working at height.

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