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Does your organization carry out complex lifting operations using slings? Santinel offers its know-how on these particular maneuvers with training that goes further than a general session on lifting devices. Our expertise will offer your team members security and improve your prevention approach!

The safety of your workers is largely based on their understanding and use of the equipment. This is why our sling and rigging training includes more in-depth information than our training on lifting devices. The choice of accessories and the lifting plan are addressed in a comprehensive manner. The course also emphasizes inspection of sling equipment so that the devices and accessories used are in good condition. A major asset in preventing accidents!

With Santinel, your workers will work efficiently and safely no matter the maneuver to be performed!

Learning series:

  • Easily determine the appropriate slings and accessories according to the load to be moved or lifted.
  • Deepen your knowledge of all the risks linked to slings and rigging, particular maneuvers that require special attention.
  • Improve your risk prevention approach, in particular through an operational inspection of the selected equipment.
  • Develop your lifting and movement efficiently thanks to a lifting plan that includes angle calculation, determination of obstacles, centre of gravity, etc.

Provide workers with special or complex lifting operations!

With Santinel’s approach, you will obtain a complete training adapted to your challenges. Indeed, this course was created to meet all the different needs related to moving loads. Therefore, it includes the same modules as regular lifting training but with particular attention paid to slings and rigging. It is intended for all workers who will use more advanced equipment and want more than a general session on lifting.

In addition, our trainers can offer fully personalized lessons. That’s why the session will take place at your facilities! As such, learning will be carried out with your equipment and will therefore address all the specifics of your environment. You will be sure to get a solution to all your questions! Trust our unique approach and the know-how of our experts!

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