Hoist and Jib Use

Certification valid for 3 years

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Accredit your workers with our hoist and jib training. For years, lifting devices have been framed by legislation to prevent accidents among workers. In fact, the CNESST requires that workers have the necessary training to operate lifting devices such as hoists and jibs. To meet employer obligations and protect your workers, offer this unique theoretical and practical training.

During this course, our instructors will teach your operators and supervisors to identify dangers and risks, the safe use of these devices, maintenance methods, types of devices and their specifics, as well as mandatory checks such as maximum safe use load. They will also learn the importance of prevention, the maximum capacity of overhead traveling cranes, the ideal conditions, the types of accidents and the laws in force. At the end of this training on hoists and jibs, your teams will be trained on best practices and be aware of safety in their workplace.

Consult our experts for effective training to prevent incidents and accidents on lifting devices in the plant.

Learning series:

  • Rules on the design, inspection, testing, maintenance and safe use of devices.
  • Due diligence and other liability.
  • Risks associated with hoist and jib cranes.
  • How to prevent accidents through inspections, safe handling and preventive maintenance.
  • Check the weight of the loads and choose lifting equipment that is safe and suitable for the load.
  • The description of different types of overhead cranes and lifting accessories used in the company.

Does your company use hoists to facilitate moving heavy loads? This use is restricted to trained workers only so trust in Santinel to certify your workers.

This course is suitable for companies who wish to train their operators on best handling practices and hoist uses, risks and maintenance. The training will allow your workers to use this equipment safely, understand how they work, the dangers and how to protect themselves from the equipment. In addition to raising awareness among your teams, it will significantly contribute to prevention in your plant or factory. With this training, your supervisors and operators will be able to work in compliance with the required health and safety rules and standards. In addition, you will comply with the legal obligations required by the CNESST.

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