Overhead Crane Operator with Cabin

Certification valid for 3 years

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Opt for this training developed by our experts and offer your bridge crane operators the knowledge to operate them safely. Operating this type of lifting device requires sophisticated theoretical notions on its characteristics and operation. Its use must be strictly reserved for rigorously trained personnel.

Used for lifting and transferring large loads, an overhead crane requires a serious operator who understands and masters each of its elements. Furthermore, the regulations and standards surrounding the use and operation of an overhead crane are strict.

With this training offered by Santinel, your teams will have the know-how required and adapted to operating an overhead crane with cabin in your company or plant.

Learning series:

  • The regulations and standards that apply to the operation of an overhead crane, in order to know the current standards.
  • Knowledge on various devices and functioning to operate them properly.
  • Learn the techniques and methods of slinging and rigging that can be used depending on the loads to be moved.
  • Rules for the safe handling and movement of loads with an overhead crane.
  • The communication and signalling standards when using an overhead crane with cabin.
  • Rigorous inspection of a bridge crane and preventing the risks associated with it.
  • Test your knowledge with practical exercises and a theoretical evaluation, supervised by our trainers and intended to validate the acquired concepts.

All overhead crane operators must undergo detailed and complete training on its use, given by an expert trainer.

Santinel offers training that covers all the theoretical and practical aspects necessary for the operation of an overhead crane with cabin. Its components, load calculation, universal signalling and communication standards are all elements covered in detail during this training.

In addition, an assessment of the knowledge acquired during the training will complete the session. The certificates attesting to your employees’ and supervisors’ training will provide you with the assurance that they have mastered all the elements of safe use of a bridge crane with cabin and adapted to your workplace.

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