Trainer Training – Overhead Traveling Cranes and Hoists

Certification valid for 3 years

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With Santinel, you can take charge of training your overhead crane and hoist operators! Thanks to our unique approach, your future instructors will develop their expertise in lifting devices as well as teaching!

In order to get your operators able to deliver quality training, our master trainers will provide them with a varied background of knowledge and skills. The trainers will pass on all their knowledge of overhead traveling cranes, hoists, slings, protectors, hooks, lifting beams, etc. Regulations, procedures and safe maneuvers will no longer be a mystery to your instructors!

Our master trainers will also introduce all the tools to become competent, organized and attentive teachers. They will provide all the material necessary for future training (participant manual, trainer manual, exercises, assessments). To improve their performance, your trainers will first train in front of our master trainer. And of course, this practice will be followed by feedback by our expert!

Learning series:

  • Increase your knowledge of the current standards and the risks associated with lifting devices, as well as slings and rigging operations.
  • Become an expert in safety procedures related to overhead traveling cranes and hoists, whether for their use, inspection or maintenance.
  • Develop your training skills by learning the art of providing employee feedback, your responsibilities as an instructor, and methods for controlled risk exercises.
  • Perfect your skills as an instructor through simulations, teaching simulations and advice offered by Santinel’s master trainers.

Does your organization regularly need to train operators of overhead traveling cranes, hoists and other lifting devices? Take advantage of the full program offered by Santinel and develop your own internal resources!

Depending on the size of your company, you will need only one or a few instructors to be autonomous in your training. This will ensure that your workers are trained in a uniform manner and it will also be easier for you to refresh the knowledge of your other operators. In short, your entire prevention approach will be improved!

Your future instructors can be managers, health and safety committee members, supervisors or employees. No need to have previous training experience; Santinel can also train them on the main principles of adult training! In addition, supervision of actual training can be offered, followed by a personalized assessment. Although optional, this step often helps trainers gain confidence. Do not hesitate to discuss it with our team!

* All your instructors will receive a qualification certificate after completing their training.

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