Training Operators of Lifting Equipment without Hoists

Certification valid for 3 years

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Did you know that on average there are 700 accidents per year associated with lifting operations? Most accidents are caused by excess weight, improperly used or inappropriate equipment, and loss of load control. Strict safety measures are therefore required or highly recommended by the CNESST. To adequately protect your workers, choose Santinel’s unique and complete training on lifting equipment without a sling.

Combining theory and practical exercises, this training provides operators and their supervisors with the knowledge necessary to ensure their safety and that of the public. In this course, operators will learn everything there is to know about the lifting stages without a hoist. It will start with existing standards and regulations, followed by inspecting overhead traveling cranes and hoists, rigging and end with slings. Your health and safety managers will be able to supervise the work and ensure compliance with standards.

Whatever their role or years of experience, your workers will know the right working methods and the legal requirements associated with their trade. Count on Santinel’s experts to train your workers on handling and lifting equipment without a sling!

Learning series:

  • The health and safety regulations governing lifting operations, the laws and negligence under the Criminal Code.
  • Hoist inspection, ie: the initial stages of inspection, the need for operational inspection and periodic inspection.
  • Know the rigging accessories including sling inspection, use of eye bolts, shackles, spreaders, protectors, etc.
  • Safe load handling, protective measures and directives to be considered by the operator.

Do your workers use lifting devices but don’t need to estimate loads? Are you subject to the law and wish to meet your lifting operation obligations? This training is a reference for companies seeking health and safety experts to train their workers.

This training will help you provide the right information, training and coaching to your workers. Your operators and supervisors will have everything in hand to work safely and to comply with the regulations provided by law. They will be trained by experts and know the right handling methods, inspections, accident prevention and much more!

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