Workplace Electrical Safety (CSA Z462)

Certification valid for 3 years

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Do your workers have to work on or near potentially live equipment? Offer them this Santinel training for the skills on proceeding in a safe manner while respecting the Canadian Standard CSA Z462 on Workplace Electrical Safety.

Whether your employees install, operate, maintain or even dismantle electrical equipment or components, this training will give them the knowledge to work safely in the presence of electricity.

Indeed, performing a task near an electrical voltage represents real risks. Choose this Santinel training course to equip your employees with the knowledge necessary to ensure their safety and to protect them.

Learning series

  • The basic concepts of electricity to develop safe and appropriate behaviour in your work environment.
  • The risk analysis of an electric shock in the situation where working without voltage is not possible and the precautions required.
  • How to choose the right PPE.
  • Possible causes as well as the distinction between an electric arc and an arc flash.
  • Live work permit, its uses and exceptions.
  • Determine the protective measures required in the presence of electrical voltage while complying with the CSA Standard Z462.
  • Respond quickly in an emergency and in accordance with the recommendations of the current standard and regulations.

Equip your employees with the skills required to work safely in the presence of electrical voltage with this Santinel training.

This training is for workers who have the expertise to work with electricity such as electricians, electromechanics and industrial mechanics. Upon completion of the course, they will be able to assess the risk of electric shock, determine the level of danger of the work to be performed, choose the PPE to use according to the safe distance to be respected, all in accordance with the standard.

Do you want to establish an electrical safety program in your business? Your managers or OHS coordinators will gain all the concepts required to manage the safety program thanks to this unique and comprehensive training offered by Santinel experts!

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