Hoists, Rigging and Communication

Certification valid for 3 years

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The objective of this course is to demonstrate how to safely lift loads using a fixed hoist, while determining the appropriate rigging accessories, in accordance with applicable laws, standards and regulations. Participants in this course will also learn the communication signals used when working with more than one person.

By registering your staff, you can be assured that they will learn the risks associated with operating hoists and lifting devices and how to exercise the greatest caution when handling them. In addition, they will be able to make informed choices regarding rigging and slinging equipment when lifting a large load.

Learning series:

  • Understand the current laws, regulations and standards for hoists and lifting devices
  • Know how to differentiate, inspect and store slings
  • Learn the universal communication hand signals
  • Know the essential concepts related to hoists and rigging: weight and centre of gravity, characteristics of the types of fasteners, influence of the angle of inclination used, etc.

This training is intended for any worker who has to lift loads, whether alone or on a team, or to secure loads on a lifting device, while determining the appropriate slinging accessories.

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