Leadership and communications in OHS

2 h

Certification valid for 3 years

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Personal protective equipment and health and safety rules are not the guarantees of a sustainable OHS culture. Along with the right tools, it takes confident and convincing people to skillfully communicate their importance.

The purpose of this training is to help participants discover what kind of OHS leader they are, how to leverage their strengths and how to identify their weaknesses as leaders, in order to address them. It will clarify the roles, responsibilities and obligations of members of the management team. It will also discuss various interactions and communications techniques in health and safety.

Finally, as any leader has a busy schedule, this training will show how to prioritize actions to be taken in the area of ​​OSH.

This training is aimed at managers, supervisors, advisers and representatives in OHS who wish to improve their communication skills in order to increase their impact on the OHS culture of their company and influence the behaviors of their employees.

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