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Certification valid for 3 years

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While excavation and trench work is frequent and necessary, the fact remains that they can involve risky situations and serious accidents. Protect your workers on dig sites with training in excavation and trenches.

Excavation and trench work involves complex equipment and installations. Take action so that your teams are able to set up safe work sites and manage inherent risks. To prevent accidents, it is essential to make sure that your site meets safety standards on several points: barricades, drilling, waste storage, wall maintenance, shoring, support, using boxes and wells, means of evacuation, risks depending on the types of soil and vehicles involved in the work. All of these factors are implicated regarding safety when working in trenches or excavation.

With our comprehensive training, you will comply with regulations and protect your workers. Our experts offer informative, dynamic presentations adapted to your work context. Choose security, choose Santinel.

Learning series:

  • Identify the equipment required during excavation and trench work.
  • Assess the risks associated with working in excavation and trenches.
  • Identify different types of shoring.
  • Identify documents necessary to carry out digging work.
  • Assimilate and apply the current regulations.

This training is intended for all workers present on an excavation and trench site. The regulations impose that qualified supervisors be present at all times to ensure compliance with standards and the safety of all. Also, during work in the excavation, a trained person must remain on the surface to ensure safety. These measures are easily applied when the majority of workers have received training in digging work.

Ensure proper functioning and safety at your site. Employers, team leaders, machinery operators and workers will all benefit from this training. Prevention requires an excellent knowledge of risk factors at all levels.

Trust Santinel, your partner in workplace health and safety.

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