Pallet Rack Inspection – Certifier

Certification valid for 3 years

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Develop your own resources for pallet rack inspections! Pallet racks are essential to your organization which also pose many safety risks. Their inspection and certification on a regular basis is therefore essential for prevention. This is why Santinel offers training in this area, which will give you more autonomy while better protecting your workers!

Indeed, with this session, your future certifiers will learn to confirm the state of your pallet racks with certainty. Our experts will teach them all the elements to observe including ladder feet, stacking loads and the verticality of upright loads. They will also teach them the importance of external factors that can affect safety, such as the work environment or signage.

To help them in their task, our trainers will provide your employees an inspection grid. This will be fully adapted to your prevention procedures, which will ensure your compliance with standards in your sector!

Learning series:

  • Find out about the current pallet rack regulations, particularly the CSA standards, in order to maintain your compliance.
  • Familiarize yourself with the maintenance of pallet racks and identify the dangers they pose even when they are in good condition.
  • Become a true expert in pallet rack inspection, learning to observe the key elements for safety and to recognize problems.
  • Know how to determine the level of risk represented by a problematic pallet rack, in order to establish priority for intervention.

For added security, teach your teams the ability to inspect!

Take advantage of training that will facilitate your prevention process and benefit your entire organization! The “Pallet Rack Inspection” course is aimed at all your employees, maintenance staff and supervisors. Check it out for yourself! Simply pick a few responsible resource persons and assign them the task of inspection within your company!

The course will meet your needs related to your use of pallet racks, whatever the specifics of your environment or your sector of activity. Our trainers will make sure to transmit expertise that meets your needs, challenges and reality.

Rely on Santinel’s expertise to inspect and sustain your activities with complete peace of mind!

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