Training on Working Near or Above a Body of Water


Certification valid for 3 years

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Did you know that any work carried out near or above a body of water is considered high danger? There are many risk factors and the regulations to observe can seem complex. Prevent accidents by providing complete training to your teams on working safely.

Our comprehensive training gives your workers essential skills related to construction sites near a body of water. For everyone’s safety, the work must consider the risks of waves and movement of the water. In addition, safety and recovery equipment must be adequate and ready to use. All workers must be ready at all times to initiate a pre-arranged rescue plan.

The risks of a construction site near or above a body of water are numerous and complex. Reduce them at the source with our experts’ unique and innovative approach. Our presentations are comprehensive and dynamic, for better safety in the workplace.

Learning series:

  • Identify the risks associated with working near or above a body of water.
  • Apply preventive measures and regulations that govern work near or above a body of water.
  • Identify adequate protection and recovery equipment.
  • Learn to implement a rescue plan.

Our unique training is primarily aimed at workers involved in work near or over a body of water. It is particularly aimed at contractors, transport or rescue operations managers and others designated to site safety and developing and implementing a rescue plan in the event of an emergency. Our training is also an asset for the employer, who is responsible for obtaining adequate protective equipment.

Prevent accidents near bodies of water by raising awareness. Whether for a first course, a refresher or to get an update on the current standards, your teams will benefit from the expertise of our specialists. At Santinel, we believe that training is equal to prevention!

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