Training on Road Work Signage

Certification valid for 3 years

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Do your teams work on a highway or within 3 meters of a highway? Road work signage devices are necessary to ensure everyone’s safety and facilitate traffic. Signage must comply with the Highway Safety Code and varies depending on the work duration and area of ​​the site.

Make sure that the road signs for your site are visible, consistent and adapted to the context, in accordance with standards. With this training, your workers will be able to, among other things, install a bevel to signal the work area and use light signals, visual cues, traffic signs and accompanying vehicles to help maintain traffic and reduce the risk of accident. For certain sites, you must post one or more signallers trained in road safety.

These measures are essential for the efficient and safe conduct of road construction work. Count on the innovative approach of our experts to train workers assigned to signage and secure your site.

Learning series:

  • Rules and standards to follow on signage.
  • Recognize different types of work and associated signage measures.
  • Identify the role of the signalman and situations where their presence is required.
  • The efficient and safe use of signage in Quebec.
  • Signage procedures before and while carrying out the work.

Our signage training is intended for teams working on or near traffic lanes under construction. Signage workers and signallers must master their role and the use of equipment and signals. Furthermore, day labourers, electricians, plumbers, operators and equipment mechanics all benefit from knowledge of safe behaviour.

This training is ideal to raise the awareness of all site workers on the risks associated with inadequate signage. The safety of everyone—workers and members of the public—is at stake. Our training is a benchmark in workplace health and safety. Choose Santinel for dynamic presentations adapted to your specific work context.

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