Trainer Training – Musculoskeletal Disorders and Back Pain

Certification valid for 3 years

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Prevent and correct long-term back pain in your workers by having Santinel equip key employees on preventing musculoskeletal disorders and back pain. As these workers will be responsible for training their colleagues, they will learn health and safety concepts as well as knowledge transfer tools.

This training extends over a few days in addition to including personalized coaching for learners. Therefore, it includes a block on basic information as well as a theoretical session where participants learn deeper concepts such as physical aggressors, symptoms, risk situations, etc. Lastly, the future trainers will follow a practical block on the art of structuring and transmitting information adapted to their environment to other workers. Our experts will also coach on correctly identifying risk factors and disseminating the appropriate information adapted to the environment.

Learning series:

  • Basic information on preventing back pain and musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace.
  • The importance played by the organization of work in the severity of risk factors such as posture, effort or repetition, etc.
  • Understanding the anatomical elements involved, the various types of MSDs and their symptoms, risk situations in the company, physical aggressors such as cold weather, impacts, vibrations, mechanical pressures and physical exertion.
  • How to effectively teach the prevention and correction of MSDs and back pain to employees.
  • Personalized coaching to better observe risk situations in an environment and act effectively to prevent accidents.

This training is ideal for companies and their managers responsible for teaching back pain and/or MSD prevention to their workers. It is useful if, for example, your employees often complain of back pain or if you want to implement a culture of back pain and MSD prevention. Thus, you will significantly reduce the risk of developing such work accidents in addition to raising awareness of the risks. Not to mention that future trainers will teach best practices to new employees or as soon as a reminder is needed.

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