Harassment (Provincial)

Certification valid for 3 years

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Since January 2019, employers have had the obligation to implement a workplace harassment policy. Our experts built this training which meets legal requirements and, above all, maintains a healthy climate in your organization.

Following this comprehensive harassment training, your managers will know their obligations as well as the keys to prevention and its management. They will be able to avoid such events by identifying the warning signs and implementing effective mechanisms. As for workers, they will be well informed about your harassment policy and the mechanisms developed for their safety. Through this training, all your employees will contribute to a harassment-free environment.

Learning series:

  • Everything you need to know about harassment in the workplace: definitions, employer obligations, negative effects on productivity and health.
  • The new policy implemented by CNESST in January 2019 and its effects on Quebec organizations.
  • Establishing a harassment prevention culture: how to prevent, what actions to take and what signs to spot to avoid such an event.
  • Effective mechanisms to counter actions that can be considered harassment under the law.
  • Sensitize and train your managers on your policy and procedures.
  • Effective and popularized communication for your workers on your workplace harassment prevention policy.

This training is intended for companies that want to offer their employees a healthy environment free from harassment. Whether you are seeking expert help or because of the new CNESST regulations, our training is an asset for organizations of all sizes and industries. Even if there is already a policy in your organization, consult us. Our experts will train your managers and communicate the harassment policy and preventive measures to your employees. Your organization will meet the obligations of the law while being well equipped for harassment.

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