Electrical Hazards at Work

Certification valid for 3 years

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Training all of your employees properly will prevent the risk of accidents and injuries related to the presence of electricity in your workplace. This training covers all the elements to help your employees understand how electricity works and reduce the risk of accidents.

The risks associated with electricity are significant and many injuries can be avoided by adopting the appropriate behaviour. Using documented case studies, our experts will illustrate the behaviours to adopt, safety measures to apply and the PPE to wear in the presence of electricity and in accordance with the context. In addition, they will have all the tools to identify risk areas and know how to adapt your work procedures.

Trust Santinel to provide your employees with the best means to prevent electrical accidents!

Learning series

  • General principles of electrical hazards in your workplace.
  • How to distinguish between electrification and electrocution, the different types of tension, touch and pitch, as well as arc flashes, and their possible consequences on the health of a worker.
  • Eliminate all risks linked to negligence, by thoroughly inspecting your tools (poorly maintained extension cords, unsheathed wires, defective power tools) and by reporting problematic signs (overheating, etc.).
  • Determine the PPE to be adopted according to the work context, as well as the accessories to avoid in the presence of electricity.
  • Identify risk areas and adapt work procedures to secure your environment.
  • Control the actions to be taken in the event of an emergency, in order to protect or even save a worker injured by an impact or electrical contact.

Do your employees work near live electrical equipment or with power tools? Do you want to prevent dangers at the source through education and by providing them with safety measures?

Offer them training on electrical hazards at work. Your employees will learn how to proceed safely. Per the CNESST, only a competent person with the required training can work under electric voltage. Consult us to train your workers on risk situations, risk prevention and correction measures.

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