First Aid in the Workplace

16 h

Certification valid for 3 years

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First Aid in the Workplace training enables workers to acquire the skills and knowledge required to respond to a medical emergency or a work-related incident. Their training must be provided by organizations recognized by the CNESST, such as Santinel.

  • Cost | 129$*
  • Course Duration | 16 hours
  • Duration of Certification Validity | 3 years
  • Availability | Day, evening, weekends
  • Courses offered online? Yes, in hybrid mode**
  • Courses offered in person? Yes

*This amount is tax deductible and can also be used under law 90 on workforce training, which requires employers to invest 1% of payroll in training their staff.

**The assessment of learning, at the end of the training, will be done in person.

First Aid in the Workplace training must be followed by a sufficient number of employees in all companies in Quebec, according to the requirements of the CNESST.

Click here to learn more about the number of rescuers required in your workplace.

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