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Certification valid for 3 years

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Influence values ​​and behaviours within your organization! To develop your team’s OHS reflexes, there’s nothing better than clear directions and consistent leadership! This is why Santinel offers unique training, which will help you use your influence to transform beliefs and attitudes. Your workers will integrate prevention principles that will guide them towards better protection!

With this course, you will learn about an “OHS Prevention Reflex” intervention and the conditions for success with this approach. Our trainers will show you how to use it to correct risky situations and provide positive reinforcement for safe actions! You will discover communication techniques to ensure compliance with the rules, and errors to avoid. And, over time, your workers will become more aware of their role and how to better protect their physical integrity.

In short, with “OHS Reflex,” you will permanently transform the behaviours in your work environment!

Learning series::

  • Develop a better understanding of the links that exist between organizational behaviour and work accidents.
  • Create and maintain a culture of prevention, which will allow team members to integrate health and safety values ​​in the long term.
  • Refine your communication skills and positive actions to reinforce safe behaviours and ensure compliance with your rules.
  • Act effectively in risk situations, mainly unsafe behaviour and problems related to equipment.

Equip your leaders to ensure consistency between their interventions and your prevention approach! You want your workers to truly integrate the principles of health and safety?

To achieve this, all organizational behaviour must head in this direction. That’s why your managers will benefit from Santinel’s “OHS Reflex – Prevention” training, whatever your business activity. Indeed, our course will help your management team integrate prevention on a daily basis. It is therefore intended for all those who have to intervene with workers, whether they are team leaders, members of the OHS committee or supervisors.

These managers have the influence to change attitudes and improve security in your organization. And our training will teach them when and how to use their authority, all with discernment and respect.

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