Practical Training on Qualitative Fit Tests

Certification valid for 3 years

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Improve the safety and respiratory protection of your workers with training on fit testing! With this course, your employees will be able to effectively wear and maintain their equipment. They will learn the optimal use of their devices to be well protected as well as how to carry out quality adjustment tests themselves!

And regardless of the masks, respirators and substances used in your business, rest assured that Santinel has the expertise you need. Moreover, before starting the training, our trainers will adapt the concepts to your particular issues. They will then provide your workers with various theoretical and practical knowledge about respiratory protection and risk detection. Lastly, our specialists will devote a comprehensive component to the use of test solution kits. Your teams will be ready for autonomous and safe management of their respiratory protection!

Learning series:

  • Optimal respiratory protection when using your devices with a proper fit.
  • Effective use of your solution kit for quality testing and substance detection.
  • Respect current respiratory protection regulations and compliance at all times.
  • Become accustomed to achieving the right adjustment with our scenarios and handling exercises.

Provide your workers and supervisors with the tools on fit testing with this training course!

Promote the health and safety of all your employees who use respirators! Regardless of their role or task, this course will familiarize them with ways to effectively protect themselves from contaminated air. The session will also teach them about best practices in fitting, detecting harmful substances and qualitative testing.

Santinel will provide participants with a training certificate on qualitative fit tests for their respirators. By opting for this Santinel training, your whole prevention process will be improved. Your teams will work with greater confidence, ensuring your company’s compliance at the same time!

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