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Certification valid for 3 years

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Rely on Santinel’s respiratory protective device know-how for your workers!

Certain tasks require wearing a respiratory protection device for greater safety. However, it is not always easy for workers to choose the right equipment and use it optimally. That is why Santinel offers complete training on these devices: an immediately beneficial and profitable investment!

This course is divided into theoretical and practical components for your teams to develop their expertise in respiratory protection. They will learn about regulatory requirements, risk identification methods and the different types of equipment. In addition, our scenarios and practical exercises will then allow them to take action without hesitation! Note that the training can also include, for one or two participants, a fit test by the trainer. We also offer the option of performing fit tests on all workers who have attended the training.

In short, this comprehensive Santinel training will improve your prevention approach and guarantee your compliance!

Learning series:

• Choose the right respiratory protection in any situation thanks to a better knowledge of the various types of equipment and their usefulness.

• Get maximum protection by learning the best inspection, wearing, maintenance and storage practices for self-contained, air-supplied and negative pressure respirators

• Develop the right reflexes in case of emergency interventions

Whatever your sector of activity, Santinel’s training on respiratory protection equipment will meet your needs!

This training generally brings together users of respiratory protective devices, their supervisors, members of the OHS committee or managers who wish to understand the challenges of respiratory protection. It is important to remember that everyone who wears respiratory protective equipment should be trained to do so.

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