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Help your workers protect themselves effectively by giving them a better understanding of the “how” and “why” of personal protective equipment with Santinel’s completely personalized approach! We offer a complete and unique training with content adapted to the needs and challenges of your company. A foolproof method to ensure the health and safety of your workers as well as their adoption of PPE!

Our experts will provide you with resources to avoid or limit the risks related to your activities. Your team will learn effective procedures for identifying protection needs, regardless of the situation. They will also discover ways to select, use and maintain various protective equipment.

Know that the expertise of our trainers allows them to cover all different types of protection. Helmets, masks, goggles, visors, plugs, safety harnesses and more. None will be a mystery to your workers!

Learning series:

  • Increase your level of awareness and understanding of the importance of using protective equipment.
  • Identify different risks of each situation and properly identify their nature in order to choose the appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Increase your comfort level and effectively limit your exposure to risk by optimally adjusting your equipment.
  • Protect yourself by being better informed about the maintenance, storage and life of your equipment.

Choose a course that will meet the needs of all members of your team! Santinel offers an approach that will enhance protection and security for your entire organization! Our training will be fully customized to the challenges of your industry and your workplace. So no matter the task or body part to protect, your workers will all learn to better protect themselves!

In addition, our trainers will also adjust to the personal protective equipment your company already owns. Your team will receive relevant information, tailored to the models and types of protectors they use. In short, you will avoid confusion and provide better protection thanks to Santinel’s unique approach.

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