First Level OHS Manager

Certification valid for 3 years

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Develop the OHS expertise of your team leaders and supervisors. This training allows your managers to better promote and intervene in occupational health and safety.

With our unique and personalized formula, your team leaders will take the right preventative actions and transmit them more effectively. An approach that will help your front-line supervisors perform their duties and enhance the protection of your entire team. Your team leaders and supervisors work directly with your workers. Therefore, they must have all the knowledge and resources to become an OHS reference! That’s why our trainers will help them master the current regulations, prevention procedures and safe working methods.

In addition, our course will help your managers develop strong communication skills. They will be able to make changes within the team with ease.

Learning series:

  • The roles and responsibilities that come with your front-line management role.
  • How to comply with existing OHS standards and regulations through knowledge.
  • Develop preventative reflexes by learning the key safe work methods, use of protective equipment, etc.
  • Communicate with team members easily and influence certain risky behaviours.

This training is aimed at companies from all industries and sizes that wish to equip their front-line managers on OHS.

In your organization, team leaders and front-line supervisors have a great influence on accident prevention. They are the ones who lead by example, answer questions and must correct the situation, if necessary. Santinel offers you an OHS training fully adapted to the reality of these managers. With our course, they will be better equipped to intervene and improve the entirety your prevention!

Moreover, know that Santinel offers a completely customizable approach. Our trainers will tailor their teachings to your industry and take into account your environment and workplace. Thus, you will be assured that the training of your team leaders meets your needs and challenges!

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