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Certification valid for 3 years

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Enrich the management of your OHS committee and improve security throughout your organization!

Choose an approach that will permanently transform the impact of your health and safety committee! Santinel offers training that will support the members of your group to establis effective structures that will then improve all their actions. The result: a renewed performance that will benefit your whole prevention process!

Our training will help you achieve compliance with provincial legislation and support the success of your committee’s activities. Our trainers will provide a number of resources to your group members such as action plans, procedures and evaluation grids. These tools will support them in accomplishing their tasks and improve all your OHS procedures!

In addition, our training will clarify the roles and responsibilities of each committee member. Members will learn various operating rules to ensure the effectiveness of meetings. By setting expectations and fostering understanding, the participation and proactivity of each member will be improved. And the performance of your committee will be assured!

Learning series:

  • Promote the success of your OHS committee with a better understanding of the operating rules and the roles of different members.
  • Ensure an efficient process for your meetings by establishing procedures such as an agenda and minutes.
  • Contribute to the proactivity, cooperation and involvement of the various committee members by providing them with the resources they need.
  • Improve the impact of your committee with various tools for the implementation, evaluation and monitoring of prevention activities.

Equip the members of your health and safety committee and offer them our expertise!

Our “Provincial OHS Committee” training is for members of your organization involved in the occupational health and safety committee. This course will allow them to discover tools and resources to effectively perform their duties, as well as to help them better understand their role on the committee.

Note, however, that this training is suitable for companies that must respect provincial jurisdiction. For organizations that must comply with federal regulations, choose our “Federal OSH Committee” course.

Finally, do not hesitate to ask us to adapt the training to your sector of activity and your specific needs! Santinel will happily modify the training and add all the elements that meet your challenges!

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