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Certification valid for 3 years

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Equip your OHS committee and contribute to the protection of all your employees!

Would you like to improve the performance and impact of your organization’s health and safety committee? Santinel offers a unique approach which will put all factors in place for your group’s success! Our training will help your committee achieve compliance with federal legislation and refine its approach!

Our course will promote your prevention actions and enhance the proactivity of your committee members. To achieve this, our trainers will first clarify each person’s roles and responsibilities. By better understanding the expectations, members will naturally have greater participation and involvement.

In addition, our experts will teach them various operating rules to ensure the effectiveness of a committee. They will provide them with a variety of tools that will facilitate the creation of action plans, as well as the evaluation and monitoring of current activities. Finally, your committee will benefit from intervention procedures such as accident analysis or litigation management.

In short, your health and safety committee will have all the resources at their disposal, no matter the task!

Learning series:

  • Better control the operating rules of your OHS committee and each member’s responsibilities.
  • Better track prevention activities and develop action plan management.
  • Improve your meetings by learning to set agendas, minutes and other effective processes.
  • Promote the participation, cooperation and involvement of the various participants in the OSH Committee.

Offer more resources to members of your health and safety committee!

Santinel’s “Federal OHS Committee” training is open to all employees who belong to your organization’s health and safety committee. It provides them with the resources and tools they need to fully understand their role and effectively fulfill their functions.

Note that this training is suitable for companies that must comply with federal jurisdiction. Organizations subject to provincial regulation will instead be required to choose the “Provincial OHS Committee” course.

Moreover, know that Santinel can accommodate the training to your needs! If you wish to add specific elements to your sector of activity or challenges, do not hesitate to let us know!

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