Ergonomics for Day Care Staff

Certification valid for 3 years

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This ergonomics training educates childcare staff about accidents in the profession. The educators will learn how to prevent injuries they could suffer while performing a task. Our trainers will explain the best practices to adopt for: lifting a child, in the changing room, collecting toys, changing diaper, etc.

Upon completion of this training, your staff will be able to identify, assess and correct bad posture. Thanks to this prevention, you will be able to prevent various accidents in your establishment. Consult Santinel for comprehensive, effective and easy-to-apply training for your educators.

Learning series:

  • The main accidents in day care settings; what to know to prevent and control accident risks for workers and children.
  • Ergonomic basics for day care: when good work is beneficial for all.
  • Best practices for the change room, picking up toys, child naps, etc.
  • Safety for educators and children: the keys to master and the rules to understand.

Childcare settings have challenges specific to their reality. For this reason, Santinel has designed a training course for day care staff. Regardless of your day care environment, our trainers will be able to train you by on your issues, the safety of the workers and the safety of the children. Contact us for more information.

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