Ergonomics for Office Staff

Certification valid for 3 years

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Prevent and regulate musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) at the source by educating your staff with this training focused entirely on office ergonomics and the various risks associated with inadequate posture. The goal is to limit the impact of office work on the body by educating your workers on the correct posture, habits and tools that reduce the risk of developing an MSD.

If necessary, our experts will analyze the workstations to adjust the desks of each participant and provide a personalized report. This comprehensive support will make a difference in the daily lives of your workers and contribute to better productivity. Consult us for advice and training tailored to your issues and your budget.

Learning series:

  • Adequate posture for office work when carrying out clerical or computer tasks.
  • Tools and techniques to prevent musculoskeletal disorders in office workers.
  • The importance of office ergonomics, the keys and benefits to workers.
  • Adjusting workspaces, an important key that any organization can easily implement.

This training is for companies of all sizes and fields with clerical staff. It is very beneficial for organizations wishing to prevent work-related accidents caused by improper posture during clerical or computer tasks. Thanks to our trainers, your workers will learn the best posture and comfort to achieve proper ergonomics. Consult us for personalized training inspired by years of ergonomic advice.

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