Machine Safety Risk Analysis

Certification valid for 3 years

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Identify the dangerous machines in your environment and effectively reduce the risks!

For dangerous machines used within your organization, risk identification is essential! This is why Santinel offers training entirely devoted to the analysis of the risk linked to machine safety. A course with proven methods and principles that will improve your entire prevention approach!

Indeed, with effective hazard identification of your equipment and with the implementation of solutions, your workers will benefit from better security. And Santinel will fully equip your analysis managers to achieve this important objective! Our experts will teach them to identify all the dangerous phenomena and assess their level of risk. Obviously, they will also teach them the best techniques to remedy these dangers, depending on the use of different equipment. And to ensure the integration of the concepts learned, the session will contain several practical exercises and workshops!

In short, your risk analysis team will have everything needed for optimal interventions in real situations!

Learning series:

  • Discover all the applicable standards and practices for dangerous machines in your environment.
  • Carry out effective risk analyzes by learning to better identify the dangerous phenomena and the associated risks.
  • Develop proven methods to assess the relevance of the solutions and security measures used in your analysis.
  • Ensure the implementation of your solutions, thanks to the creation of a timetable with realistic deadlines and adapted to your individual challenges.

Provide those responsible for risk analysis in your organization with effective tools by choosing Santinel’s unique approach that ensures an efficient analysis and better prevention! Our training will help the people responsible for carrying out the risk analyzes of your machines. Our course will provide your workers, health and safety committee members or maintenance team with the resources they truly need to reduce risk.

Indeed, our experts will make sure to transmit methods and procedures adapted to the needs of your organization. Whatever the equipment used, the specifics of your business activity or your environment, Santinel will respond to these challenges. Rely on our experience and know-how!

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