Machine Safety Training – Safety Guard Design

Certification valid for 3 years

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Improve the compliance of your industrial machines and equipment! Training on designing guards fits perfectly into your machine protection program required by the CNESST.

During this training, your health and safety managers will learn key concepts of machine protection, the requirements of the CNESST and types of devices. They will learn the essential principles of the safety of industrial machines and equipment. And since the Machine Analysis course is a prerequisite for this training, the trainers will be able to broaden the depth of the subject to allow your employees to implement the right protective measures for their environment. Your employees will develop their expertise and can then be autonomous in creating a machine safety program and designing guards.

Count on Santinel to train those responsible for equipment compliance and the occupational health and safety program.

Learning series:

  • Identify dangerous areas, risk situations and possible dangers.
  • Choose and apply the correct machine protection device to its working environment.
  • What is guard design and risk prevention?
  • Know and understand the CNESST requirements on the safety of moving machines and others.
  • Reduce downtime, increase safety and prevent accidents.
  • How to improve the compliance of your equipment and comply with CNESST standards.

Do you want to enhance or validate the conformity of industrial equipment and machines in your organization? Are you committed to the safety of your machine operators and employees working near industrial machines?

Whether it is about the safety of your employees or to respect and maintain the standards required by the CNESST, opt for the Guard Design training exclusive to Santinel. This training is aimed at companies from all industries as well as their managers of the machine protection program or their occupational health and safety committee.

Note that this training aims to broaden the knowledge acquired on risk analysis of machines and the means of prevention. It is therefore necessary to have completed the Risk Analysis training beforehand. Contact us for any questions about Guard Design or the safety of your workers.

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