Training – Fire Extinction (Virtual Reality)

Certification valid for 3 years

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Develop your expertise and sharpen your reflexes in fire extinguishing. To optimally respond in an emergency, there’s nothing better than practice. That’s why Santinel has developed a completely unique training in fire extinction which also uses virtual reality! Thanks to credible and highly realistic educational scenarios, your team will learn to remain calm and carry out the proper actions.

Before taking action, your workers will first receive a wealth of fire information. Our trainers will discuss the different fire classes, their components, specific risks and other dangers linked to fires. They will also teach various extinguishing methods and the tools to use depending on the situation.

Then, the virtual reality component of our training will begin! Your team will put the theoretical learning into practice, quickly choosing the actions to take. This exercise, although completely safe, will give your workers several strong emotions! This is the secret of its effectiveness! This practical aspect is essential, since it ensures a better response in the event of an emergency.

Do your employees have to perform critical tasks? To help them more easily identify the risks in their working environment, we can develop scenarios that faithfully reproduce your reality. In this way, your workers will act safely in the execution of their task, because they will have experienced a realistic simulation with virtual reality.

Remember that if your industry or products present specific risks, discuss it with our team! Our trainers will be able to create a tailor-made scenario, for example, on flammable liquids and gases or on combustible metals and appropriate extinguishing methods.

Learning series:

  • Know the fire classes and various methods of extinction as well as the risks inherent in fires in the workplace.
  • Learn about the different types of fire extinguishers, inspection standards and maintenance procedures.
  • Effectively assess the situation and the various risks, in order to make the right decisions and react well when a fire breaks out.
  • Choose the appropriate portable fire extinguisher during an emergency and learn how to use it safely, thanks to virtual reality.

This training is intended for all people who may be confronted with a fire situation in their workplace and who will be needing to use a portable extinguisher.

While the virtual reality experience is offered to all course participants, doing so is not mandatory in order to pass the training. Uncomfortable participants may abstain.

Note that the virtual reality simulation is always done in the presence of a Santinel trainer who guides each participant throughout the simulation. Those who have experienced it are unanimous: virtual reality is a powerful learning tool!

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