Fire Extinguishing – Theory

Certification valid for 3 years

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Prepare your staff for stressful situations thanks to the unique expertise of Santinel! Indeed, reacting safely in the event of a fire or emergency is a learning process. Your teams must know, in advance, what to do to limit property damage and more serious repercussions. This is why we offer complete fire extinguishing training!

**Note that Santinel offers this training in-house and online!


During the session, our experts will make sure to train your workers in your reality. They will take into consideration the chemicals present in your environment, as well as all the other dangers specific to your business. Also, our trainers will make sure their lessons cover your firefighting equipment. In addition, for directions provided to your team, they will be based on your emergency plan.

With Santinel, your employees will react effectively and without confusion when the time comes!

Learning series:

  • Discover a wealth of relevant information about fire and its characteristics, which will help you make appropriate decisions when the time comes.
  • Be better informed about the operation of fire extinguishers and fire-fighting equipment, so that you are ready to use them if necessary.
  • Take an inventory of the specific risks linked to your workplace and your environment, to react effectively and choose a safe extinguishing method.
  • Improve your knowledge of emergency response and what to do when a fire occurs.


Choose the Fire Extinguishing online training and train as many workers and supervisors as you want without ever having to slow down your operations. You will gain flexibility without losing any of the quality of the training. Interactive, dynamic, generous with images, illustrations, diagrams and examples, this training will keep your workers captivated until the very end. (Only available in French for the moment.)

Take advantage of general training that will benefit the safety of all your employees!

Does your organization already have an emergency measures plan and a trained intervention brigade? So much the better! However, accidents usually happen in a completely unpredictable way. In such a context, who is really ready to act effectively in the event of a fire? With this Santinel training, which is for everyone, you will be assured that your entire team is well prepared!

After this course, your teams will better minimize the fire-related impact and losses. The fires will be brought under control more quickly, while the emergency measures will be initiated and implemented without confusion if the fire is too large. In short, your entire prevention process will be improved!

Lastly, note that Santinel also offers practical training. This will allow your teams to become more familiar with your fire fighting equipment. Do not hesitate to experience our virtual reality simulation!

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