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In the event of an emergency, avoid a worst-case scenario with a team ready to intervene and taking the right actions! Santinel suggests that you create an intervention brigade, composed of several responsible people, who will have the mandate to respond quickly and intelligently in an emergency situation. An essential and unavoidable asset to react in an emergency situation in your organization!

In fact, the risks and damage multiply when there is no effective intervention and an evacuation is not carried out quickly. This is why our trainers will provide your team with all the knowledge required to reduce the consequences of an emergency situation. Through practical exercises, they will also develop their reflexes, skills and intervention skills.

In addition, our training will be based on your company’s operational emergency plan. An integrated approach from Santinel which will ensure efficient use of your tools and equipment in an emergency!

Learning series:

  • Learn about your business’s operational emergency plan, then learn how to execute it effectively with the resources available to you.
  • Be prepared to respond quickly to an emergency, to limit property damage and the safety risks to your employees.
  • Practice supervising the safe and rapid evacuation of your co-workers, as well as other occupants of the building, if necessary.
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and abilities required to inform building occupants and the public.

Choose the members of your brigade and entrust us with the creation of a solid intervention group!

Work with peace of mind thanks to your intervention brigade! Although general fire preparation is desired for all of your employees, such a group will really help reduce the dangers of any type of emergency listed in your emergency plan. In fact, your organization will benefit from the know-how of a team of people prepared for any eventuality!

During training, these employees will learn best evacuation and risk management practices. To practice, they will also be called upon to complete numerous simulations and exercises of all kinds. In addition, our course will be developed based on the risks present in your industry and your environment. A personalized approach unique to Santinel which will ensure you even more efficiency and security.

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