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When managing hazardous residual materials, Quebec businesses and factories must integrate safe practices that comply with the laws, now more than ever. Opt for our unique training to meet the latest standards.

Santinel has developed recognized expertise to offer training that applies to many sectors of activity. Our trainers will modulate the training and adapt it to your needs  depending on the dangerous products that you must manage in your domain.

Whether it is to treat waste to reduce its danger or allow it to be recycled or for storage or elimination of dangerous residual materials, Santinel will guide you in the procedure to follow. This training will also discuss how to manage a spill and what to do about it. Thanks to this component, you will be able to improve your prevention program.

Learning series:

  • The regulatory standards which apply to the management of hazardous residual materials according to their components and their nature.
  • How to adapt your actions according to the different hazardous residual materials used in a business or industry.
  • Waste materials which can be treated or recycled safely.
  • Routing of residual materials.
  • Methods of disposal of hazardous waste according to your sector of activity and in accordance with current standards.
  • Clear guidelines on the organization and effective management of hazardous materials in the event of a spill.

Give your team or affected employees the most comprehensive training on managing hazardous residual materials. Disposing of certain waste can be a real headache for businesses and industries.

Learn how to evacuate, ensure safe transport and places to transport residual materials with the most current information on the subject. Our training was developed to provide you with the knowledge and practices to help you manage your company’s hazardous waste efficiently and safely.

At the end of this training, your team will have the knowledge to conduct compliant management of hazardous residual materials in your domain, while respecting the environment.

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