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Is your organization looking for effective management software for your lockout program?  Benefit from all the features of the EZ-Lockout System for optimal lockout management.

Santinel offers the EZ-Lockout System, an extremely powerful tool created by the Quebec company Hazmat Systems. Perhaps you’ve already purchased this software and want to make more use of its many features? Feel free to benefit from the know-how of our experts! Whether you’re using the online or mobile interface of the software, our trainers will help you better understand and use EZ-Lockout System. This will make your entire lockout program even easier! In fact, the software offers several solutions to manage and optimize your operations. These features will also facilitate your compliance with the current standards.

In short, when you improve the use of the EZ-Lockout System, your entire prevention approach will be transformed.

Learning series:

  • Use the EZ-Lockout System more effectively by discovering all the features of the software.
  • Optimize the lockout program with tools for equipment maintenance, reporting corrective measures and task management.
  • Easily create standards-compliant lockout forms and labels and easily locate them in the system.
  • Simplify management program audits by learning to record each lockout undertaken.

Equip your entire team for effective lockout in just a few clicks!

The extremely efficient EZ-Lockout System will simplify all lockout procedures in your organization and make them easily accessible. All your workers will benefit, whether they are managers, field or maintenance employees or members of the health and safety committee. This is why Santinel’s training is aimed at your entire team.

Indeed, our trainers will ensure that each worker will benefit from the features offered by the software. They will adapt the content of the training according to the different tasks the workers perform. In addition, depending on your needs, they can focus on certain issues and peculiarities of your organization or business sector. This is the unique and personalized approach offered by Santinel!

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