Training – Safe Use of Scaffolding (Theoretical)

Certification valid for 3 years

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Opt for exceptionally detailed training for safe use of your scaffolding! To prevent accidents when using scaffolding, several elements must be considered. Therefore, Santinel offers its expertise, with theoretical training that addresses many issues! You will learn all the principles for correctly assembling, moving, inspecting, dismantling and storing your structures!

Our training covers all safety standards for using scaffolding. It even includes training for scaffolds over 10 meters high, suspended from multiple anchor points, rolling and motorized scaffolds, etc. It also covers different manufacturing materials and the means to choose the structure that suits your needs.

In addition, our specialists will teach you to identify the risks related to installation, type of soil, wind surges, electrification, falls, collapses, being trappeds, etc. They will also help you use all the equipment required to protect yourself such as the railing, power line isolator, harness, etc.

Learning series:

  • Federal and provincial regulations for the use of scaffolding, including the CSA standard and specifics for structures over 10 meters in height.
  • Different scaffolding structures, types of materials and elements to consider in choosing the appropriate components in order to properly install scaffolding.
  • Identification of risks in various contexts which require the use of scaffolding and working at height.
  • Accident prevention procedures and techniques, as well as the optimal use of individual and collective protective equipment.

Improve your prevention approach and the safety of your team during installation and use of scaffolding!

Whether you have to work at heights or supervise a team that performs these tasks, think of Santinel! We offer unique training that will assure you of solid and stable scaffolding, as well as safe assembly and dismantling. In short, your knowledge will benefit all of your colleagues!

Rest assured that our trainers have the experience and know-how to consider your specific needs. Whatever the work carried out by your organization, we will answer all the challenges encountered during the installation and use of scaffolding!

And, if you want to go further and ensure your practical skills, see our Safe Use of Scaffolding page!

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