Training – Safe Use of Scaffolding (Theoretical + Practical)

Certification valid for 3 years

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Carry out your tasks at height in a scaffolding that is safe and compliant with the rules of prevention!

Despite their great usefulness, scaffolding is a structure which presents several risks during its assembly, use and disassembly. To protect your team from accidents, choose the training and practice offered by Santinel! Your workers will learn to respect and implement all regulatory requirements for scaffolding, while ensuring their safety!

To achieve these objectives, our specialized trainers will introduce them to the different types of scaffolding and related standards. They will then help your team to identify the risks of working at height and how to protect themselves effectively. Your workers will learn the personal and collective protective equipment suited to the work situation and how to best use them.

The training will end with a series of practical exercises. This component will train your team to design, install, use and store these structures while respecting the best techniques. And of course, our experts will complete their explanations and rectify the situation if necessary!

Learning series:

  • Know the current legal standards and regulations for using scaffolding, including structures with a height over 10 meters.
  • Identify and analyze the risks in situations that require working at height and the use of scaffolding.
  • Understand the components of the different types of scaffolding and make the safest choice based on the work at height to be performed.
  • Proceed in stages to safely assemble, modify and move the scaffolding as well as carry out its inspection, dismantling and storage.

Equip workers who have to handle scaffolding and perform tasks at height!

Does your team often have to carry out work that can only be done from the ground or a solid surface? Are scaffolds and working at height part of your workers’ daily life? Keep them safe by providing them with the training, qualification and practice required for these tasks!

Santinel offers a unique approach, with a course that covers all the theoretical and practical aspects of the use of scaffolding. Whatever your sector of activity, our specialists will meet all your specific needs and challenges. They will discuss the different types of structures, their manufacturing materials, the specific risks they cause, etc.

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