Training on Occupational Noise Management

Certification valid for 3 years

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Prevent the serious effects of noise and noise pollution! Whether it’s temporary or part of your daily life, noise poses a real risk to the health and safety of your workers. Therefore, Santinel offers a unique training entirely devoted to this issue.

First, our trainers will help you better understand the risks of noise and noise pollution. They will also teach you the current standards and regulations on this subject. They will then support you in setting up a management and prevention program. They will share a host of strategies, resources and tools to help protect your hearing.

So even if your equipment or working methods change, you will have all the information you need to manage noise. Consult us to prevent hearing loss and other occupational diseases related to sound.

Learning series:

  • The risks of exposure to noise and how to recognize these dangers.
  • Respect the current compliance and standards on noise exposure.
  • Different techniques to reduce noise at the source, individual hearing protectors adapted to the volume, exposure time and tasks.
  • Implement effective strategies and controls to reduce the risks faced by workers in your company.

Do you want to prevent occupational diseases and accidents associated with noise in your company? Whatever your needs or sector of activity, Santinel will help you reduce the risks at source. Indeed, our approach is always modulated according to your industry and the size of your organization. This is why this training is intended for team leaders, managers and members of a health and safety committee.

So, whether your managers are experts in prevention or not, our trainers will adjust their teaching to their knowledge. They will also adapt the course to the nature of your activities. You will therefore be assured that your workers have protective methods and equipment that meet their challenges.

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