Safe Use of Compressed Gas

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Prevent accidents related to compressed gas while meeting CNESST requirements. Discover training that promotes the safe use of compressed gas by your employees!

Did you know that the safe handling and storage of compressed gas can reduce hazards in your workplace? As compressed gases pose a health and safety risk, proper management is essential. However, you must have the necessary knowledge. Training on the safe use of compressed gases is therefore ideal for informing your employees and your health and safety officials. Thanks to our trainers, they will learn the key concepts of handling and storing compressed gases used in your business. They will be able to understand the nature, physical state of the compressed gas, storage, transport and handling. Finally, they will also know the various safety devices such as rupture discs, safety or discharge valves and fusible plugs.

Consult Santinel for training on the safe use of compressed gases adapted to your reality and your needs.

Learning series:

  • Handling and storage of compressed gas cylinders.
  • Compressed gas regulations and risks.
  • How to control and prevent the risks associated with compressed gas.
  • Identify the various types of compressed gas, their physical state and their nature.
  • Transport, handling and regulated conditions of use.

Provide a safe work environment for your employees. Training on the safe use of compressed gases is offered to companies whose workers use compressed gases in their duties. It trains employees who will handle, transport and store cylinders containing compressed gas. They will have the knowledge to work safely. In addition, this training is offered to OHS committee members or to the manager of occupational health and safety in order to properly supervise the employees who will use them.

Also, be aware that this training is particularly useful if you want to validate that your company complies with the regulations on compressed gases and that your workers are protected from potential risks. It is also very worthwhile for training newly hired workers in your company. Consult us for training on the safe use of compressed gas!

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