Roles and Responsibilities of Emergency Responders

Certification valid for 3 years

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Offer the workplace prevention and safety managers in your company this comprehensive training offered by Santinel. You will help them to define the roles and responsibilities of each emergency responder.

As part of an effective and proactive prevention strategy, each person must be familiar with the actions they must take before, during and after an emergency situation. It is essential to distinguish each person’s responsibilities in advance. This helps to divide the procedure to be divided up amongst several people and to ensure the successful application of emergency measures.

By choosing this training, you offer your team the opportunity to acquire the knowledge required to coordinate everything that needs to be considered and accomplished in an emergency. In addition, by establishing a clear picture of the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder, you will avoid the mess and confusion that can arise under stress.

Learning series:

  • Identify and list all emergency responders in your company or factory.
  • Determine, based on the size of your business, whether you need to form an emergency team or appoint a coordinator and an alternate or assistant coordinator.
  • Write a detailed list of roles and responsibilities they must assume before, during and after an emergency.
  • Know how to adapt roles and responsibilities according to the nature of the emergency and its severity, the size of your business and the organization of your work locations.
  • Develop possible emergency scenarios and validate your list of roles and responsibilities for each responder.

Do you want to train and properly equip your workers on emergency measures? Whatever the nature or size of your business, consult us!

Let Santinel guide you in preparing this complete list of roles and responsibilities for everyone in the event of an emergency. This training will be an important addition to your prevention strategy. This will ensure that you meet the requirements and protect your business and your employees.

Guided by our trainers, your occupational health and safety managers will be able to identify the roles and responsibilities of each person in an emergency. Identifying all the tasks that each designated person must perform in a detailed document will promote the success of the intervention plan. And by taking an inventory of each role and each responsibility, you make sure everyone knows the function of their colleagues.

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