Pallet Rack Installation Training

Certification valid for 3 years

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Store your loads with peace of mind by providing your pallet rack installers the knowledge they require!

For the safety of your entire team, the installation of your pallet racks must be carefully executed. This is why Santinel offers comprehensive training containing the lessons and practice to properly carry out this mandate. An asset for protecting your workers and for the compliance of your organization.

Our specialists will cover the different types of pallet racks (single or double depth, static or dynamic storage, etc.), their structures and components. They will also help you analyze your needs based on the characteristics of your environment, capacity and desired stacking. And, of course, they will cover all the safety rules for pallet racks.

Finally, our trainers will teach you how to create and implement a complete installation plan. This step will teach you the supplies and tools required as well as the configuration of the ladders and beams, aspect ratio, anchors, etc. With Santinel, your pallet racks will be installed safely and durably!

Learning series:

  • The different types of pallet racks, their installation criteria and the accessories to improve their stability.
  • Pallet rack design standards, as well as safety rules for their installation and storage of loads.
  • Risks related to the installation of pallet racks and changes to their configuration, such as their total or partial collapse, as well as falling loads.
  • The creation of a purchase and installation plan for new or reused pallet racks, including the preparation of specifications, site characteristics and verifications related to compliance.

Before entrusting your workers with this important responsibility, train them in the proper installation of pallet racks!

Does your organization use multiple pallet racks to store goods or supplies? Do you want to benefit from greater autonomy with workers who have mastered the installation of these structures? With training by Santinel, you are guaranteed to obtain safety and improved efficiency!

Our experts will use their know-how to meet all of your specific challenges. So whatever your industry and storage needs, their lessons will help your future installers choose the right type of pallet racks. All your criteria will be taken into account: from aisle types to  access of stored loads!

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