Lockout Trainer Training

Certification valid for 3 years

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Acquire and maintain a high level of knowledge in your organization! Santinel offers its unique expertise to equip your company with one or more lockout trainers. You will develop your own resources, which will ensure the safe and effective application of your procedures at all times!

With this in-depth training, your employees will first receive the material from the basic lockout course. They will develop all the necessary skills to identify energy sources and set various devices to zero energy. Our master trainers will also teach them all the current regulations, which will facilitate the continued compliance of your company. Additionally, future trainers will learn to effectively transmit their knowledge to your other workers.

Finally, our experts will provide you with all the necessary materials for your future training sessions. Also note that Santinel can even assist your new trainers during their first lessons!

Learning series:

  • Develop advanced knowledge for effective management of different energy sources and safe lockout procedures.
  • Ensure compliance by learning all applicable standards and all current lockout regulations.
  • Disseminate information with ease, using dynamic and motivating training and intervention techniques.
  • Use training materials developed to meet needs and issues specific to lockout.

Improve your organization by developing your own resources!

For your lockout procedures, equip your managers, supervisors, employees or occupational health and safety managers! In fact, to choose your future trainers, opt for the people in your organization with the right profile.

Besides their skills, they usually have credibility in the eyes of your other workers. Think of employees who are used to following procedures and who maintain good relations with their colleagues. The important thing is to choose those with an ease for explaining and passing on knowledge.

One thing is certain, your trainers will be fully supported by Santinel to ensure their success. Before starting their teaching in your company, they will learn everything related to lockout in depth. If necessary, they will even be supported by our specialists during their first training session!

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