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Certification valid for 3 years

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Hot work training aims to prevent accidents and educate employees in your company. This course is presented in theoretical and practical form and includes key concepts such as the environment, risk assessment, adequate control, flammability, fire extinguishers, monitoring, etc. The course also teaches knowledge and respect of the prescribed safety measures as well as the safety procedures specific to each type of activity such as welding, soldering, grinding, etc.

The trainers will adapt the training to your hot work procedures and will carry out scenarios in your workplaces. Contact us for hot work training that will meet the needs of your organization.

Learning series:

  • The basics of accident prevention during hot work: what you need to know and understand to eliminate the risks at the source.
  • The safety rules and measures to consider to protect your workers.
  • Scenarios to properly react in the field when an accident occurs.
  • How to handle tools related to hot work, such as fire extinguishers, hot work program, etc.

Hot work training is essential when employees handle or work near flammable or combustible materials. It allows companies of all sizes and industries to prevent accidents and control the level of danger of this type of work.

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