Forklift Trainer Training

Certification valid for 3 years

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Train your forklift operators yourself and develop your resources internally! With an in-depth learning process and sustained support from Santinel, you will have your own experts in the field. An approach that will make your business more autonomous!

Our unique approach will provide all the necessary elements to properly prepare your future trainers. Our master trainers will teach them all the necessary material to become true specialists in forklift operation. Our training will include a session in front of an “empty class.” Our specialists will be able to guide and advise your future trainers before beginning to teach real classes. If you wish, we can even support and supervise them during their first session in front of their peers. In short, Santinel will provide you with all the tools to ensure your success!

Learning series:

  • Become a true expert in forklifts from various theoretical and practical learning approaches.
  • Develop your trainer skills with methods that facilitate knowledge transmission.
  • Receive performance feedback on your first class and become a more knowledgeable trainer.

Choose your trainers and offer them support from Santinel to develop their skills! Our training is for all managers, supervisors, decision-makers or employees who will be responsible for training your future forklift drivers. Whatever their rank or experience, our course will provide them with all the skills required to become a successful trainer!

Are you hesitating on the right resource person to select? Opt simply for credible staff who respect the procedures in place and the safety of other colleagues. Our master trainers will then teach them about the applicable standards and regulations, as well as the methods for transmitting them effectively. In short, we will teach them all there is to know to become forklift operator trainers!

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